Helping You Build Effective Communities Online & For Real World Profitability

Location Green was formed to help you build effective communities online and for real world profitability — with an emphasis on two fields (and their increasing convergence too): healthcare and specialty food (F&B – food and beverage) — and yes, there can be related operations’ financial incentives and real estate knowledge too.

Too much of your time and money can be wasted on social media tools and posts, without understanding how that (a must!) directly relates to your real world bottom line.  Yet social media as part of real world marketing essential for your survival is not going away, and when you do not engage in building customers, building communities, you competitors are — and those who may not wish your business well will often be “the (negative) voice” listed under your business name search results online, which has very real world impacts for you.

Location Green reflects the actionable business research and consulting insights that can help your business and you. Please learn more at the Goals & Achievements page at this site.

In addition, the respected Altimeter Group and its leader Jeremiah Owyang report:

We find that many companies who are successful follow the following traits:

  • Align with Corporate Goals –Not Social Media Goals. Don’t start with the aim of fans and followers instead first, have a business purpose that aligns with goals executives have already set, strategists should already know these, and then meld this new medium to these.  Next, evaluate current skillset and resources including obtaining resources from existing teams.
  • Systematically Roll Out Program use Hierarchy of Needs.  Companies who run and deploy blogs/communities/FB pages are at risk by not first getting ready.  We found that advanced companies have deployed internal readiness such as governance, education, policies, process, and a roll-out program in a pragmatic method –not jumped to implementation.  Read the Social Readiness report to learn more.
  • To Scale, Let Go; Empower Business Units. Companies who reach a level of maturity often allow trusted and trained employees in particular business units to implement their own social programs after aligning to the program charter of the social media team. This allows business units to manage and deploy their program –encouraging scale and customization and speed at local levels.

Location Green appreciates your thoughtful consideration of your bottom line business interests.  Please view the contact information on that page at this site.  Thank you.


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