Innovating New Roles for Doctors as Wearable Tech Evolves

“Wearable technology that allows us to keep track of our health data is becoming hugely popular in the consumer market. With so many more people keeping tabs on their own health with new technologies, how does the role of the physician change?

‘Doctors of the future will act as interpreters of the data gathered from wearable devices and new technological breakthroughs,’ write Dr. Peter D. Weiss, co-founder of the Rodeo Drive Woman’s Health Clinic, and Grayson Brulte, co-founder of Brulte & Company. ‘Doctors will then be able to help guide patients through the process of making intelligent decisions based on the data gathered from their wearable devices combined with their medical history.’

‘While wearable technology will give consumers new insights into their health, patients must exercise caution before jumping to conclusions and allow doctors time to work as they sift through a patient’s complete medical data stream,’ they add.”


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