Some Organizations Never Surrender

“Whether you succeed or fail, endure or get eliminated, depends more on what you and your organization do than circumstances that arise, or what others do.

Never surrender. Be willing to change tactics, but never give up your core purpose. Be willing to kill failed business ideas, even to shutter big operations you’ve been in for a long time, but never give up on the idea of building a great company.

Be willing to evolve into an entirely different portfolio of activities, even to the point of zero overlap with what you do today, but never give up on the principles that define your culture. Be willing to embrace the inevitability of creative destruction, but never give up on the discipline to create your own future. Be willing to embrace loss, to endure pain, to temporarily lose freedoms, but never give up faith in the ability to prevail.

Be willing to form alliances with former adversaries, to accept necessary compromise, but never—ever—give up your core values.”

– Jim Collins, best-selling author, including How The Mighty Fall — And Why Some Companies Never Give In 


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