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Integrating “Healthier” Fashion And Tech: Apple’s New Culture And Beyond?

Integrating “Healthier” Fashion And Tech: Apple’s New Culture And Beyond?

Four Mistakes Hospitals Make In The Search For Partnerships

“(H)ospitals shouldn’t focus on size, scale or purchasing power, but rather broader goals of population health and value-based care. To do this, hospitals must examine what expertise their organizations are missing, and what they can offer other providers in exchange for that expertise.”


Getting to the root of the problem helps wellness programs thrive

“…that’s where the company’s wellness program ended. There has been no communication…about how to sign up with a health coach to address ongoing medical issues.

And there’s no additional incentive to exercise at a local gym through a discounted membership. Although my husband is healthy, exercises and eats well, not all of his coworkers do the same.

So his company is missing out on the opportunity to motivate those folks through its wellness program to a more healthful lifestyle, which could eventually save them money while also boosting employee morale at work.

After all, “when employees are healthy, they feel good…They’re more motivated and less stressed, which is great for the bottom line. Healthy employees translate into a variety of benefits for employers.”

But even if wellness programs provide a method for consumers to really tap into the underlying blocks to their health issues, insurers and companies must regularly reevaluate their initiatives. That includes assessing the specific needs of the company’s employee population so that the wellness program can be tailored to its unique culture.”