Emmett Pickett’s Prosperous Customer Relationship Skills

Emmett Pickett’s Narrative As Identity and Context Is Content are Inspired by Disney CEO Bob Iger, John Maeda’s Design Investment, Marc Benioff’s Integrated Business With Philanthrophy, and Bill Walsh’s Coaching Legacy (also beyond sports) of Developing a Dynasty of Champions…

Emmett’s Prosperous Customer Relationship Skills:

* Wellness Insights: The Health and Wealth of Connectedness

* UX (User Experience), Content, Brand, and Data Engagement

* Social Marketing and Enhanced Technologies; Destination Edu-tainment

* Environment and Healthography (Comprehensive Healthcare with a Community Capital H)

* Impact Investments in Undervalued Markets and Corporate Finance Incentives

* Business Intermediary and Real Estate (CA DRE # 01825241)

* Fusion Specialty in Lean Culture Change Management

* Food and Beverage (F&B) Relationship Marketing

* Gardening as Managing and Sushi Master Mindset

Record-breaking Disney revenues are certainly not “Frozen.”

“Disney does content and technology together well.” – Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg also on Disney Board of Directors, about Disney CEO Bob Iger, Pixar and Maker Studios, and Silicon Valley alliances.

“Bob Iger has the courage to lose sight of the shore while respecting Disney history.” – Apple CEO Tim Cook

“My role is to find strategic insights into how design impacts bottom line business, not just aesthetics alone.” – John Maeda, first design investment partner at KPCB venture capital, working with digital, green tech, and life sciences startups. He focuses on Design DNA and company cultures, and chairs eBay’s Design Advisory Board.

Marc Benioff as Salesforce CEO achieves on Software-as-a-Service with Integrated Philanthropy.

Bill Walsh’s people development systems leadership transformed the worst sports franchise into a legendary dynasty required for repeatedly winning, whether the SF 49ers, Fortune 500 company, small retail business, or non-profit organization of any size.





Emmett Pickett has volunteered efforts (since mid-2014) as Founding Executive Creative Director towards developing the long-term Location Green Design and Production Studio, Training Dojo, and Diverse Markets Research and Data Lab for Behavioral Health and Wellness Ownership — reflecting Hawaiian, Caribbean, and other GLocal cultures, Executive Function(s), healthier environmental practices, and Disney-inspired Destination Edu-tainment.


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