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Paseo Verde: Childhood Wellness through Healthy, Affordable Housing

Major findings (from

  • Green affordable housing can support children’s health by improving air quality, reducing exposure to toxins, and offering opportunities for physical activity.
  • An on-site health care center further supports underserved residents and extends health benefits to the broader community.
  • A for-profit and non-profit partnership allowed Paseo Verde to blend two experienced development teams to maximize Jonathan Rose Companies’ history of award-winning, environmentally-responsible TOD and APM’s understanding of the local market and the community’s needs and values.
  • Supporting residents’ health also extends to local recreational opportunities and using the principles of crime prevention through environmental design to support public safety in the surrounding area.

Digital health options for low-income populations don’t live up to their potential

“Our takeaways were that although apps have the potential to improve healthcare, they also have the potential to cause harm as they become increasingly integrated with the healthcare system…and we did identify some cases in which, for example, patients could enter a very low blood glucose level and they did not get any notification that that was important. In other apps, you could tell the app that you were suicidal and it wasn’t clear that anyone would be alerted…Rachel Davis, senior program officer at the Center for Health Care Strategies, spoke about patients who have multiple co-morbidities as well as lifestyle complications like homelessness. She said these patients are disproportionately affecting Medicaid costs and are some of the most promising targets for digital health interventions (in context with effective coaching).” –

High-value care for the targeted few to battle high costs for the way too many of U.S. – “Just 5% of the population accounts for 50% of medical spending. Dr. Sandra Hernández looks at what it means to provide high-value care to patients with complex chronic conditions.”