Lean Is Growth, Not Just Production Alone

Respected Lean sensei Pascal Dennis: “Too often we sub-optimize by focusing Lean (aka Toyota Business System) entirely on productivity & efficiency.

And you can’t grow unless the entire value stream is engaged.

The system comprises three ‘loops’, in fact: Design, Make, Sell.

As it happens, one of my favorite Toyota senseis, Shin-san, was a sales & marketing executive…

That’s what (the book by Pascal Dennis) The Remedy – Bringing Lean Out of the Factory, is all about.

A big challenge, but that’s why we have managers.

(As Shin-san use to say, “No problem, no need for managers!”)

Tip of the hat to Orrie, Art Byrne and the Wiremold leadership team, who saw all this a few decades ago!

So what’s this mean for Lean practitioners (2015+)?”


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