The “How Mojo” of Purpose-Focused, Effective Change

G.E., the 124-Year-Old Software Start-Up – The New York Times – – Not limited to, but certainly compelling in this Weblink and illuminating value(s)-added reading, are the implications for the “healthcare industry.”

Even beyond GE, this is an important read about the LeanER purpose and change management culture commitment “required” at senior-most management levels and throughout the organization for any transformation to have a chance at succeeding in performance, financially, and in other dimensions (such as in healthcare patient outcomes — and cost(s) savings). When “the fear of failure culture” has emerged over decades (sometimes, it must be acknowledged, “with ‘some’ good process-directed reasons”), the real challenges of genuine change management centered in LeanER purpose must never be underestimated, and faced honestly, boldly, and with determination — including a “Sun Tzu approach” to “effectively blending sustainable tactics with strategic reason(s),” given different types of worker thinking and approaches throughout the organization. Notwithstanding the merits of “small experiments,” what is “not an option” is “macro failure.”

This “mindfully thoughtful analysis” herein is respectfully presented by “purpose-focused, LeanER culture change management sensei” Emmett Pickett in “servant leadership.” Hopefully, it is tangibly helpful to you, your results — and your “bottom line(s).”


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