Creativity “with” Constructive Criticism As Critical Components Of Innovation

“(I)t’s about gaining distance from personal investment in one’s ideas. The suggestion is not to create so much distance as to become detached — but enough so one can more readily identify where tweaking or reworking are required.  More often than not, distance allows the creator enough objectivity to detect where ideas just don’t make sense…It would be have been interesting…to point to case studies within a wide array of industries, from the nonprofit world to business, and exemplify scenarios where the rubric method would, or does, hold true. But, the overall concept of embracing creativity with an objective, critical eye seems more balanced than not…’creativity and (constructive) criticism are like the Chinese principles of yin and yang: two complementary forces that interact to form a greater whole.'” – Creativity “with” Constructive Criticism As Critical Components Of Innovation


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