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When We Understand…

Seth Godin – When We Understand –

“Modern marketing, the craft of getting ideas to spread, has split.

(Some people) test and measure, and do what works…

They do it with no interest in how (other) people decide, or what they believe, or what story they tell themselves…

On the other “side” are those that seek to get to the heart of what makes us human…

These people (observe) that fear, shame, desire for gain, and “culture” are (often) “the quartet” that (could drive) just about every decision…truly understanding our narratives is the essence of doing work that matters, that connects, and that spreads.

There are ever more tools for folks (and increasingly, robots) who (test and measure)…

On the other hand, the ranks of people who “understand,” who understand well enough to lead, to decide and most of all, “to see”…there are never enough of these people doing the work that matters.

It takes patience and effort (but “not” focus groups) to develop this empathy. It’s worth it.”


Prevention Care AND Healthier Communities Together

“86% of U.S. healthcare costs (at least $3 Trillion, some I respect have said that’s about a quarter or 25 cents out of every dollar bill that passes through YOUR hands!) are linked to chronically ill patients.” We ALL pay higher insurance premiums AND taxes for this in several negative ways. We desperately need MUCH more effective and sustainable #PreventionCare AND #HealthierCommunities … Professionally and personally, I have worked with and studied this IMPORTANT issue(s) with great care throughout (Y)OUR country (and beyond, for example regarding GLocal Blue Zones) over several years now. Genuinely hope this helps YOU AND U.S. – – 19h


Healthier Community Managers


Creativity “with” Constructive Criticism As Critical Components Of Innovation

“(I)t’s about gaining distance from personal investment in one’s ideas. The suggestion is not to create so much distance as to become detached — but enough so one can more readily identify where tweaking or reworking are required.  More often than not, distance allows the creator enough objectivity to detect where ideas just don’t make sense…It would be have been interesting…to point to case studies within a wide array of industries, from the nonprofit world to business, and exemplify scenarios where the rubric method would, or does, hold true. But, the overall concept of embracing creativity with an objective, critical eye seems more balanced than not…’creativity and (constructive) criticism are like the Chinese principles of yin and yang: two complementary forces that interact to form a greater whole.'” – Creativity “with” Constructive Criticism As Critical Components Of Innovation

The “How Mojo” of Purpose-Focused, Effective Change

G.E., the 124-Year-Old Software Start-Up – The New York Times – – Not limited to, but certainly compelling in this Weblink and illuminating value(s)-added reading, are the implications for the “healthcare industry.”

Even beyond GE, this is an important read about the LeanER purpose and change management culture commitment “required” at senior-most management levels and throughout the organization for any transformation to have a chance at succeeding in performance, financially, and in other dimensions (such as in healthcare patient outcomes — and cost(s) savings). When “the fear of failure culture” has emerged over decades (sometimes, it must be acknowledged, “with ‘some’ good process-directed reasons”), the real challenges of genuine change management centered in LeanER purpose must never be underestimated, and faced honestly, boldly, and with determination — including a “Sun Tzu approach” to “effectively blending sustainable tactics with strategic reason(s),” given different types of worker thinking and approaches throughout the organization. Notwithstanding the merits of “small experiments,” what is “not an option” is “macro failure.”

This “mindfully thoughtful analysis” herein is respectfully presented by “purpose-focused, LeanER culture change management sensei” Emmett Pickett in “servant leadership.” Hopefully, it is tangibly helpful to you, your results — and your “bottom line(s).”

How Will You Be Remembered?

What you do everyday is how people will remember you. So the question is: How do you want to be remembered?

“Healthier” Startup Incubator(s)? – A “new” startup incubator wants to bring long-awaited disruption to the American healthcare market.

Unified Approaches To Mental Health???

Some recent ideas about unified approaches to mental health???

When suicides outnumber murders, we have a mental health problem


The “Art” of “Be”ing Mentally Healthy

“Evidence of an arts-mental health relationship was found in this study. Those who engaged in 100 or more hours/year of arts engagement (i.e. two or more hours/week) reported significantly better mental well-being than other levels of engagement. The suitability of the arts as a population based strategy to influence the mental well-being of the general population should be investigated further.” – Mental Health and The Arts

How to Design Happiness

How to design happiness, according to @disney, @soulcycle, and @lippincottbrand by @ctrlzee via @FastCoDesign