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Unified Approaches To Mental Health???

Some recent ideas about unified approaches to mental health???

When suicides outnumber murders, we have a mental health problem


The “Art” of “Be”ing Mentally Healthy

“Evidence of an arts-mental health relationship was found in this study. Those who engaged in 100 or more hours/year of arts engagement (i.e. two or more hours/week) reported significantly better mental well-being than other levels of engagement. The suitability of the arts as a population based strategy to influence the mental well-being of the general population should be investigated further.” – Mental Health and The Arts

How to Design Happiness

How to design happiness, according to @disney, @soulcycle, and @lippincottbrand by @ctrlzee via @FastCoDesign

Healthier Social Media (and Marketing) – Best Practice, REAL world, for each of US Together!

The Manager-Gardener

There are “answers” with a change in mindset, and heart and soul. The multi-skilled “manager-gardener” represents a different way of managing, where hierarchical authority does not work as well as uniting and motivating.

This venture fund can help US get to a healthier Sesame Street (Smiles)

Venture Funding and Sesame Street – This venture fund can help US get to a healthier Sesame Street (Smiles).

Use Tools. Build Tools. Do Not Be Tools.

“(T)here are tools (At the link just to the left, scroll down to the see the list)…Most cheap, most vibrant, all of them interesting signposts on one version of the road to where we’re heading next.

(Respected Seth Godin) spent about ten hours going through this list. Data moves back and forth, information is presented in dozens of ways, systems are robust and can be used by organizations of any size.

The last decades were about everyone becoming a publisher (blogs, photos, videos). Now…a digital marketer/data wizard.

Even if you don’t use these tools to spread your message or manage your time, know that someone else is going to.” – Powering A Digital Future