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Steve Roey

– Steve Roey, MD, Stanford University-affiliated Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, and VAPA Health Care System Chief Learning Officer and Director, Office of Education, says:

“Emmett Pickett’s ability to integrate a complex healthcare delivery system with knowledge, experience, and understanding from different fields adds to a down-to-earth, approachable style that is professional, meticulous, astute in observations, and insightful. Emmett’s coaching helps to serve as a catalyst for both my own productivity as well as my professional development.

However, what truly distinguishes Emmett is an outstanding level of commitment and dedication to the task at hand while never abandoning a humanistic approach. I can assure you that Emmett will embark on any activity with an enthusiasm and perseverance balanced by a strong desire to create cooperation, inclusivity, engagement, and empowerment.

In other words, Emmett Pickett firmly supports and practices a form of business operations creatively referred to as ‘INtrepreneurship.’

Emmett and I have spent significant time discussing strategic planning, stakeholder analysis, communication approaches, reflection, and much more. An intuitive nature, emphasis on people, and expertise in building relationships has proved invaluable for my efforts.

I have benefited and continue to benefit others through our vision of developing a genuine, enduring learning enterprise through change management. Emmett is authentic and warm with a great sense of humor that further adds to an ability to develop others.

I am thankful for the opportunity to have worked with Emmett, and I offer this recommendation without reservation.”

Ed Hunter

– Ed Hunter, Juniper Networks Software Engineering Director, says:

“It is rare to find both so keen an interest in helping others — and trying to find ways to make systems more efficient and encompassing.

Emmett Pickett has taken healthcare to heart and soul, and has used solid experience and good guidance to better tune approaches to problem solving and bringing new ideas to bear on particularly tricky situations.”

Brad Toussaint

– Brad Toussaint, Health Care Management Principal, Toussaint Management Consulting says:

“Having served as Vice President of Management Systems at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University (and prior to that, in similar health care leadership roles in Seattle and other locations), I have overseen performance improvement, quality assurance, and the development of hospital management systems.

Emmett and I embarked on interdisciplinary consulting focused on “unlocking” the health care sector’s potential in local community wellness and investment, while striving to reduce physical sickness and procedural waste.

I have rarely met someone who has been able to synthesize often complex and multifaceted spheres of different subjects and professional fields as effectively as Emmett does. His insight, expertise, tenacity, and mix of thought leadership with practicality have proven invaluable in creating high value solutions to the healthcare industry.”